Partner Spotlight

AMCHP is pleased to share MedImmune’s resources for providers and families to optimize health outcomes for premature infants and their families.Through its advocacy group, MedImmune advocacy works to positively impact disease awareness, education, public policy and healthcare access for premature infants and their families. MedImmune Advocacy and the six regional Advocacy Managers are working to expand their national efforts to support advocacy networks focused to provide a “voice” for one of America’s most fragile patient populations. 

Specifically, MedImmune supports regional prematurity networks that bring together partners focused on the health and well-being of premature babies. The following states have active regional networks and urge you to get involved: CA, TX, MS, MD*, PA*, OH*, GA*, FL*, IL, MN, NY. (*Supported and funded by MedImmune). Check out the map and website to view the work that is being done and to learn about networks in your area!