Are YOU Part of the Conversation?

By Beverly Robertson, MLS, MA
National Director, Pregnancy & Newborn Health Education Center
March of Dimes 

I know you have heard about social media. Twitter is everywhere and so is Facebook. Folks are posting pictures on Flickr, videos on YouTube and writing blog posts that can make you cry. Forty-two million women in the United States are online doing some form of social media every week. The statistics show the explosion of social media with a 1,107% increase on Twitter alone from 2009-1010.  

The March of Dimes jumped on board in 2004 when we created Share Your Story an online community for NICU families. We now have a Fan page on Facebook, several Twitter accounts, News Moms Need and Nacersano blogs and a channel on YouTube. Everything we do is also in Spanish. Our presence across all these social media platforms allows us to push our mission messaging; listen to what our consumers are saying; take part in the conversation; build relationships; promote awareness; drive traffic to our content; encourage action for our advocacy issues, and create a buzz. That’s right. We need you.   

Social media is about engagement and the March of Dimes truly cares about a two-way conversation; what you are doing, thinking, feeling; what your day-to-day experience is like; how we can help alleviate some of the concern and angst of a NICU family, new mom or mom-to-be.

If you are looking for a way to report on your programs, demonstrate success, reach your constituency, show how funds are being used, connect to partner organizations or get new supporters, social media may be the right path for you.  

If you do not have a presence in social media, I encourage you. Think small to start. Twitter and Facebook are free. Yes, there are challenges but what you stand to gain is worth it.  If you have questions, please drop me a note at or follow me on Twitter!