From the President

Childhood Obesity Prevention

By Phyllis J. Sloyer, RN, PhD, FAHM, FAAP

This month’s issue focuses on one of the most significant threats to the future of our children: obesity. The data is alarming and the elimination of this epidemic involves multiple concurrent strategies. I never thought I would see the day when we are asked to consider and approve bariatric surgery for children with morbid obesity that have chronic illnesses that typically are perceived as illnesses in an older adult. Indeed the future of children with obesity should be of concern to us as a nation. There are children who are at-risk prior to birth and certainly bear long-term developmental and educational challenges.  

The airwaves have been full of messages concerning the data and the need for changes at multiple levels. In this issue you will read about the need for parental and community interventions, increased activities, policies around snacks in schools and other settings, portion control, etc. There has never been a clearer need for partnerships and policies to reverse the damaging trends we witness today and virtually save the futures of our children.