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Meet the New National Center for Medical Home Implementation Staff

The National Center for Medical Home Implementation, funded via a cooperative agreement from the Health Resources and Services Administration, Maternal and Child Health Bureau, has experienced many exciting changes over the past year. The National Center is thrilled to introduce its team — including the following new staff members who contribute all or part of their time to implementing and advancing medical home initiatives, policies and practices on a daily basis:  

  • Michelle Esquivel, MPH—Director (National Center for Medical Home Implementation director; medical home multidisciplinary training and education; financing; policy and program evaluation and analysis; practice implementation; collaboration with other national centers.)
  • Suzi Montasir, MPH—Program Manager (Medical home Chapter Champions program; state-level policy and practice; asthma; integration of medical home concepts in practice; co-management issues; and the role of the subspecialist.)
  • Heather Stob—Program Coordinator, Technical Assistance (Medical home e-Newsletter development; website and listserv maintenance; technical assistance; medical school education and residency training; state and local level tools and resources.)
  • Chelsea Fosse—Program Assistant (Website maintenance; technical assistance to states and communities; medical home data; surveillance and screening; children and youth with special health care needs.)
  • Corrie Pierce—Division Coordinator (Technical assistance; state, community and practice resources and information; administrative support.) 

Additional staff who continue to contribute substantially to the overall goals and objectives of the National Center are:

  • Fan Tait, MD, FAAP—Principle Investigator; Associate Executive Director and Director, Department of Community and Specialty Pediatrics (Oversees the strategic direction of the National Center and ensures linkages between the National Center, the AAP and other national strategic medical home initiatives.)
  • Angela Tobin, AM, LSW—Manager, Technical Assistance (Advanced technical assistance; quality improvement; Web site management and direction; health disparities; cultural competency; community connections; practice implementation; continuing education.)
  • Stephanie Skipper, MPH—Manager, Council on Children with Disabilities (Children and youth with special health care needs; transitions; developmental screening and surveillance; autism.) 

The mission of the National Center is to work in cooperation with federal agencies — particularly the Maternal and Child Health Bureau (MCHB) — and other partners and stakeholders to ensure that all children, including children with special needs, have access to a medical home. The National Center provides medical home resources, technical assistance and support to physicians, families, and other medical and non-medical providers who care for children. The National Center is housed in the American Academy of Pediatrics Division of Children with Special Needs. 

Contact information for all National Center staff can be found here or by calling (800) 433-9016. We look forward to working with you to ensure that every child and youth has a medical home!


New MCH Leaders

AMCHP is pleased to recognize the recent promotions of two of our Federal partners. Dr. Ursula Bauer, Director of the CDC’s Chronic Disease Center, selected Wanda Barfield, MD to be the new Division of Reproductive Health’s (DRH) Director. Some people know Wanda from working with DRH’s MCH Epidemiology Program, while others may know of her work in the field of neonatology. Dr. Bauer also announced John Lehnherr will be joining the Director’s office as Dr. Bauer’s Deputy Director. These appointments will become effective June 1, 2010. Congratulations to these two good friend of maternal and child health, and AMCHP! 

The following are new MCH Leaders:

District of Columbia

Anjali Talwalkar, MD, MPH
Deputy Director of Policy and Programs
Community Health Administration
DC Department of Health


Breena W. Holmes, M.D.
Maternal and Child Health Director
Vermont Department of Health 

West Virginia

Christina Mullins
Director, Division of Infant, Child, and Adolescent Health
West Virginia Bureau for Public Health

If you know of a retiring MCH leader, please contact Librada Estrada, Associate Director, Workforce & Leadership Development, Family Involvement, AMCHP.