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A Member state was asked to answer the following question:

What opportunities are there for Title V and chapters of the AAP to collaborate at the state level?


Debra B Waldron, MD, MPH
Director & Chief Medical Officer
Iowa Child Health Specialty Clinics 

The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) is an organization of 60,000 pediatricians committed to the attainment of optimal physical, mental, and social health and well- being for all infants, children, adolescents, and young adults. Each state has a local chapter of the AAP that is focused on the unique health concerns of its pediatric population. There are many examples of collaborative efforts between state AAP chapters and state Title V agencies. These have included topics such as early hearing detection, child nutrition, and injury prevention. 

In Iowa (IA), establishing a “medical home” is a major component of our health reform legislation. The state AAP chapter is involved in the state’s Medical Home System Advisory Council that is developing the plan for a statewide patient centered medical home system. One specific collaboration between the IA-AAP and IA-Title V is centered on care coordination for children with special health care needs. The clinical expertise of pediatricians in conjunction with the population focus of public health practitioners is providing an opportunity to use community resources to achieve improved health outcomes for a larger number of CYSHCN. It is hoped that this clinical-community partnership will be instrumental in IA’s future efforts in identifying, assessing and addressing social and environmental determinants of health. 



James A. Bryant, MD
Chief, Bureau for Children With Medical Handicaps
Ohio Department of Health 

It is my honor to participate actively in two great organizations, AMCHP and the AAP. At the national level these organizations partner to improve the health of all children and especially children and youth with special health care needs. At the state level Ohio has a long history of the Title V program partnering with the Ohio Chapter of the AAP. Our most conspicuous collaboration is in the state’s joint committee for children and youth with special health care needs. As the state’s Title V CYSCHCN director, I co-chair this committee with Dr. Roberta Bauer, M.D. from the Ohio Chapter AAP. The committee is a true partnership and collaboration and is the lead for our state’s medical home and transition activities.

The Ohio Chapter AAP has also been a strong partner in Ohio’s efforts to spread quality improvement activities in our state. This started with our medical home activities and is continuing with the state’s activities to incorporate structural developmental screening into pediatric and primary care physician medical practices in Ohio. This includes screening for autism at the appropriate ages. This effort is spreading to screening for the social/emotional needs of children in Ohio and including screening for maternal depression. These efforts could not be successful without our partnership. 

Even more important is connecting those identified with the services they need. This effort is a partnership between the Ohio Chapter AAP, the Ohio Title V agency and the Ohio Office of Medicaid. I could say much more but I will close by saying how much I appreciate the opportunity to work with Ohio Chapter AAP as we pursue our common goals.