State Medicaid, CHIP, and Title V Collaborating to Build Medical Homes

By Michelle Alletto, MPA
Senior Manager, Public Policy & Government Affairs, AMCHP 

On Wednesday, March 10, AMCHP, in partnership with the National Academy of State Health Policy (NASHP), the Maternal and Child Health Bureau, and the American Academy of Pediatrics held a meeting in conjunction with AMCHP’s annual conference to explore the topic: “Making Connections: State Medicaid, CHIP, and Title V Collaborating to Build Medical Homes.”  

This meeting brought together Medicaid and Title V/CYSHCN teams from six leading states (Colorado, Iowa, Illinois, Minnesota, Pennsylvania, and Texas) to understand ways that these agencies can collaborate to build medical homes and link all children and youth through policy and systems change. State teams were comprised of Title V representatives, Medicaid representatives, and either a provider or family member who plays a key role in the state’s medical home implementation. Federal partners Marie Mann from the Division of Services for Children with Special Health Needs, MCHB, HRSA and Krista Drobac from the Office of the Director, Center for Medicaid and State Operations, Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services were also on hand to share their agency’s perspectives on medical home implementation. 

There was a robust discussion in which state teams shared best practices on improving Medicaid and Title V relationships within states as well as posed ideas for improving medical home programs. The key role that Title V plays in being a catalyst for medical home implementation for CYSHCN and in providing resources for care coordination emerged throughout the day’s discussion. Another highlight of the conversation was the role of family engagement and leadership, which were illuminated by family representatives Carolyn Allshouse of Minnesota, Carol Harvey of Texas, and AMCHP Board Member, Eileen Forlenza of Colorado. Particularly good working relationships between Title V and Medicaid, in addition to provider leadership, in Pennsylvania and Illinois provided best practices in partnering to build medical homes and improving systems for CYSHCN. Jane Borst, RN, MA, Chief, Bureau of Family Health for the Iowa Department of Public Health shared the multiple strategies that Iowa is implementing to build medical homes and said that “convening key partners like Title V, Medicaid, insurers, and providers is essential to expanding and improving medical homes for all children." 

NASHP experts will be producing a paper highlighting best practices using the discussion from the March 10th meeting and other research. Title V and Medicaid programs in each state will benefit from hearing the experiences of their peers in Colorado, Iowa, Illinois, Minnesota, Pennsylvania and Texas, and learn from NASHP’s discussion of potential policy changes needed to improve collaboration.