Matt Algee, Accountant

Michelle Alletto, MPP, Manager, Public Policy & Government Affairs

Rachel Arculin, Program Manager, On-line Media & Information Technology

Julio Arguello, Jr., Editorial & Member Services Associate

Joshua Brown, Senior Program Manager, Public Policy & Government Affairs

Tania Carroll, Administrative Assistant

Sharron Corle, Associate Director, Adolescent Health

Michael Dugger, Administrative Assistant

Librada Estrada, MPH, CHES, Associate Director, Workforce & Leadership Development, Family Involvement

Brent Ewig, MHS, Director of Public Policy & Government Affairs

Mike Fraser, PhD, Chief Executive Officer

Jessica Hawkins, MPH, CHES, Program Manager, Women’s and Infant Health

Adriana Houk, Associate Director, Organizational Performance & Membership

Nora Lam, Executive Assistant

Henry Maingi, MA, Senior Program Manager, Data & Assessment

Lissa Pressfield, Program Manager, MHS, Adolescent Health

Lauren Raskin Ramos, MPH, Director of Programs

Vanessa A. White, MPH, Associate Director, Associate Director, Women's & Infant Health

Darlisha Williams, MPH, Program Manager, Best Practices

Grace Williams, Senior Program Manager, Children With Special Health Care Needs