From the President

Prematurity and Preconception Health

By Phyllis J. Sloyer, RN, PhD, PAHM, FAAP

Our prematurity rate is still a double digit number and if you drill down into the causes of prematurity you will find multiple reasons, not the least of which include poor nutrition, substance use, poverty, as well as more clinical issues including the increasing number of c-sections. A friend of mine who is a developmental pediatrician from Canada once said that we have to pay more attention to preparing women for a healthy and safe pregnancy long before they are pregnant. He said this to me about 20 years ago when we were tackling issues of early intervention in the early childhood period. Isn’t it ironic that we now are placing a strong emphasis on preconception health as a means to reducing prematurity?  

This issue will provide you with a lot of information and tools that you can use to improve your efforts of creating a healthy and safe climate for women and, of course, raising a new generation of healthy children.

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