Data and Trends


National and State Resources from the Data Resource Center

Partnering to improve maternal and child health requires reliable, valid and easy to access data. Partnerships need data to both shape and advocate for improvement in policy and practice. Data forces partners to check assumptions and make good choices about what to focus on, about what is needed, what is working and what to focus on to improve policy and practice. The Data Resource Center (DRC) provides you and your partners with easy, point-and-click access to national and state level data on everything from children’s health status to services use and performance. Take advantage of this free resource to inform and stimulate health improvement partnerships and engage all partners.  

Along with many other data search options and features, on the Maternal and Child Health Bureau supported DRC website you can access “All States” ranking maps on children with special health care needs that provide benchmark data to assist in identifying state-negotiated performance measure targets. You can also find information on state variation for topics such as number of children who currently have insurance, or children with a medical home. 

For more information on the DRC or to request technical assistance, please visit Staff of The Child and Adolescent Health Measurement Initiative (CAHMI) who run the DRC and will provide you with timely assistance to make the most of data available on child health in your state!