Recognize Our MCH Leaders!

A highlight of the AMCHP Conference is our chance to recognize MCH leaders. Please join AMCHP in sharing our congratulations with the following awardees at our 2009 Annual Conference. 

Vince Hutchins Leadership Award
For leadership in promoting a society responsive to the needs of women, children, youth, and families. 

Awardee: Senator Ted Kennedy (D-Massachusetts) 

In 1998, AMCHP launched what was then called the “AMCHP Leadership Award” to recognize outstanding individuals, living or deceased, whose work has contributed to significant societal changes that have resulted in improvements in the health of American families and their various members. The first honoree, former First Lady Hillary Rodham Clinton, is exemplary of the stature of Leadership Award recipients. In 2001, AMCHP renamed the Leadership Award for Dr. Vince Hutchins, a beloved national leader and life-long advocate for children’s health. During fifteen years as director of the Maternal and Child Health Bureau, Dr. Hutchins expanded the federal government’s commitment to women, children, youth, and families. He also led development of new initiatives for children and families such as the Healthy Mothers, Healthy Babies Coalition. Nominees for the Vince Hutchins Leadership Award must meet the following criteria: be a recognized national leader, living or dead, with a long record of significant contributions to society; and, demonstrate accomplishments that advance, directly or indirectly, the health of American women, children, youth, and families, including those with special health care needs. 

Merle McPherson Award
For leadership in promoting family involvement in state MCH programs and/or AMCHP 

Ruth WaldenAwardee: Ruth Walden, Family Specialist, New York State Department of Health 

Presented for the first time in 2008, this award is developed to honor Dr. Merle McPherson. Dr. McPherson retired from MCHB in January 2007, leaving a legacy of leadership and vision for how to create a new model of family-centered health care delivery for children and youth with special health care needs. She has also led the way to expanding the family-centered care model for children with special health care needs internationally. Awardees must be a family representative or professional whose efforts have significantly increased family involvement in a state program and/or AMCHP, whose work has changed policy and procedures within a state programs and/or AMCHP to encourage greater family involvement, and who has actively contributed to AMCHP and the organization’s efforts to advance the inclusion of families. This award is administered by the AMCHP Family and Youth Leadership Committee. 

John C. MacQueen Lecture Award
For Innovation in the field of Maternal and Child Health 

Magda Peck, ScDAwardee: Magda Peck, ScD, Professor and Associate Chair for Community Health, Department of Pediatrics; Senior Advisor, CityMatCH at the University of Nebraska Medical Center; Director, Great Plains Public Health Leadership Institute 

This annual lectureship is awarded to honor one of AMCHP’s most distinguished members, Dr. John C. MacQueen, the former director of the Iowa Child Health Specialty Clinics, the state’s program for Children with Special Health Care Needs (CSHCN). A pediatric neurologist, Dr. MacQueen achieved success at state and national levels. As an administrator and clinician, advocate, innovator, and educator, Dr. MacQueen made his presence felt throughout the country through his tireless work on behalf of children with special health care needs. AMCHP takes special pride in those accomplishments that have advanced family health programs. They include 30 years as a CSHCN state director; leadership as vice-chair of the Congressional Select Panel for the Promotion of Child Health; membership on the Advisory Panel on Technology and Child Health, Congressional Office of Technology Assessment; contributions to the Maternal and Child Health Bureau and to the Surgeon’s General workshops; and advocacy for Title V. Criteria for this awardee state that the awardee be a contributor to the field of MCH and an advocate on behalf of the MCH community. Their work must focus on or around the establishment and maintenance of healthy communities. Each year, the awardee is invited to deliver a dynamic and inspirational lecture at the Annual MacQueen Lecture Luncheon during the AMCHP Annual Conference. 

Senator Chris Dodd (D-Conn.)Legislative Champions for Maternal and Child Health Award
Recognizing the efforts of Members of Congress and their staff to improve the health of mothers, children, and families including children and youth with special healthcare needs.

Awardees: Senator Chris Dodd (D-Connecticut) and Tamar Magarik-Haro, Senate HELP Children’s Subcommittee Professional Staff Member; Representative Lucille Royball-Allard (D-California’s 34th District ) and Debbie Jessup, Legislative Assistant to Rep. Royball-Allard

Representative Lucille Royball-Allard (D-Calif.)The goal of the Legislative Champions Award is to celebrate the efforts of Members of Congress and their staff to improve the health and lives of mothers, children, and families, including children with special health care needs. This award recognizes efforts to support state maternal and child health programs and advocacy on behalf of children, women, and families at the national level. The award is administered by the AMCHP Legislative and Health Care Finance Committee and will be awarded for the first time in 2009.