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Members were asked the following question: Why do you come to AMCHP’s Annual Conference?


Wendy Jones, MEd, MSW
Director, Children & Youth with Special Health Care Needs Project
National Center for Cultural Competence 

I come to AMCHP's Annual Conference for the opportunities to learn about new and promising practices in maternal and child health via the skill-building sessions, workshops and plenaries. I also like the regional meetings because they provide a great forum for collective information sharing and problem solving. Last, but definitely not least, are the equally important opportunities for networking and reconnecting with friends and partners with whom we may have lost touch with during the year due to competing demands and ever increasing workloads.



Jeanne Mahoney
Providers Partnership Project
American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists 

AMCHP's Annual Conference has been an important yearly event for me. My first AMCHP conference was in 1995 where I presented on a state public health perinatal tobacco control initiative. Initially, my involvement with presentations and moderating sessions kept me returning to AMCHP conferences. And the quality of the program is fantastic. However, it is the networking - schmoozing with state and national Maternal and Child Health leaders- that keeps me returning. I always come away with plans for future collaboration.



Patrick Simpson
Executive Director

Why do I go to the AMCHP meeting? Besides the frequent flier miles, it is a great opportunity to be part of the extended MCH family: practioners, educators, families, funders, federal, state and local agencies. There are few opportunities each year that bring together so many like-minded people who work to improve the health of america's women, children and families, and the AMCHP meeting is one of the best opportunities for this needed networking to happen.