October 2008

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From the President 


By Nan Streeter, MS, RN

A leader is a person that leads, directs, commands or guides. When I think of a leader, I think of a person with a vision, a person with the ability to share that vision with others and guide them to making the vision a reality. A leader is someone who shares the “glory” for the outcome with those that helped.
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From the CEO 

On Leadership

By Mike R. Fraser, PhD

With just a few weeks left before the presidential election, it is fitting that our October issue of Pulse focuses on the topic of leadership. This campaign season has brought the leadership issue to the forefront of many people’s minds. What makes a good leader? Who would be the best leader for our country? Why would this person be a better leader than the other person?
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Get Involved 

AMCHP Women’s Health Information Series Call
The next Women’s Health Information Series call, “Women and IPV, Substance Abuse, and Mental Health: The Need for an Integrated Response,” will be held on Thursday, October 23 from 3 to 4:30 p.m. (EST). Please register here to receive the call-in number and passcode. For additional information, please contact Brynn Rubinstein or call (202) 775-0436.  

Sign the Petition for Preemies
AMCHP has joined families across America and the March of Dimes by signing on to the 2008 Petition for Preemies. As an alliance partner, we’re creating awareness of Prematurity Awareness Month this November and the growing problem of preterm birth.
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Help AMCHP Recognize Our Maternal and Child Health Leaders
AMCHP is currently soliciting nominations for the Vince Hutchins Leadership Award and the John C. MacQueen Lecture Award. Both awards will be presented at the 2009 Annual Conference in Washington, D.C., February 22-25. Submissions are due by October 31, 2008.
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Submit Your Best Practice Today
AMCHP is seeking submissions of best practices in maternal and child health from around the country. Whether it’s an effective campaign to promote breastfeeding, an outstanding nurse-family partnership, or a proven early intervention program for young children, get the word out about your best practice.
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Member to Member

We asked three members the following question: What is the biggest leadership challenge you have faced in your work and how have you addressed it? [read more]



Thoughts on Leadership 

By Peter C. van Dyck, MD, MPH

As the nation moves forward into this millennium — carrying some of the unresolved problems of its maternal and child population — this population will face current as well as new challenges. The Maternal and Child Health/Title V program and its many partners need to review their past history and approaches, modify these approaches for the new period, reaffirm their purpose and provide the leadership required. [read more]

Mighty Seven Leadership 

By Magda G. Peck, ScD

If you are within the ‘sound’ of my words, hear me clearly: your obligation to lead well is non-negotiable. “Leadership” may not be in your job title or you may not feel very potent in the course of your daily grind inside bureaucratic, hierarchical organizations, or in highly politicized times. But you don’t get to opt-out. Not never. Not now.  [read more]

Building Leadership Capacity in MCH Programs

By Marjory Ruderman, MHS

The MCH community has shown great interest in and commitment to developing leadership capacity and “grooming” the next generation of public health leaders. The publication in 2007 of the MCH Leadership Competencies by the Maternal and Child Health Bureau provided a tool for understanding the competencies required of MCH leaders and integrating them into job descriptions and professional development plans. Many resources exist to help programs provide leadership training, but barriers to accessing these resources remain for many MCH professionals, most notably limited resources (in terms of both staff time and money).  
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Some Things Never Change: The Persistent Need for Leadership Preparation in MCH  

By Donna J. Petersen, ScD, MHS

I’ve had the distinct pleasure of being affiliated with the MCHB-sponsored Maternal and Child Health Leadership Skills Training Institute since 1990 and through this stellar program have had the honor of contributing to the leadership development of over 2,000 dedicated MCH professionals. I’ve also provided leadership training to graduate students in MCH programs and have participated in numerous conversations about leadership development for our field. [read more]

AMCHP Adolescent Health Leadership Development Initiative 

By Sharron Corle and Dr. Steve Edwards

Guided by the belief that leadership is key to improving maternal and child health (MCH) outcomes, that leadership is needed throughout the organization, and that leadership can be improved and developed by learning and experience, in 2008 AMCHP, working in collaboration with Edwards Educational Services, launched a pilot leadership development initiative for State Adolescent Health Coordinators. [read more]








Features cont.

Family Leadership in Action  

By Rachel Rodriguez, Aleja-Laura Larson, Missi Barank

Family Voices is a national nonprofit organization that aims to achieve family-centered care for all children and youth with special health care needs and disabilities. Through our national network of family leaders, we provide families tools to make informed decisions, advocate for improved public and private policies, build partnerships among professionals and families, and serve as a trusted resource on health care. [read more]

Developing MCH Leaders 

By Laura Kavanagh, MPP

The field of MCH has a rich history of leadership. From its very beginning, committed leaders tackled an ambitious agenda for MCH with few resources, determined to assure that approaches were based on the best science available. As MCH professionals you are part of this legacy—to inspire others, to build partnerships, to be accountable for sustainable results, and ultimately to improve lives. [read more]

Supporting Leadership at the Local Level 

By Kathleen Brandert, MPH, CHES

In 2007, CityMatCH received new funding – from HRSA MCHB’s MCH Training Branch – to create and implement CityLeaders: a leadership training program designed to build capacity in the emerging and mid-level leaders who will fill the spots of those on the road to retirement. [read more]


View from Washington

Help Wanted: MCH Champions 

By Brent Ewig, MHA

Every politician loves babies, right? Take this standard election season photo-op and add an avalanche of evidence on the economic benefits of investing early in the health and education of children, and you might think it would translate into making children a higher priority in federal policymaking. Instead, it is quite clear that we often have a leadership deficit that consistently leaves children out when it comes time to decide federal budget priorities. [read more]


Data and Trends

See the preliminary data analysis of the distribution of leadership experience for state MCH and CYSHCN directors from the AMCHP Workforce Development Survey. [read more]


Resource Bank

AMCHP’s New Director Mentor Program offers a bridge for new MCH professionals to connect with seasoned MCH professionals who are willing to share their knowledge about what state Title V programs actually do. AMCHP assists new directors by providing technical assistance with program activities, network opportunities to learn from their peers, and access to resources on MCH and MCH leadership. [read more]


Board of Directors

Meet AMCHP's Board of Directors.



Meet AMCHP's staff.


In Memoriam

Remembering an MCH Leader: Dr. Allan Rosenfield
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