Resource Bank


AMCHP’s New Director Mentor Program offers a bridge for new MCH professionals to connect with seasoned MCH professionals who are willing to share their knowledge about what state Title V programs actually do. AMCHP assists new directors by providing technical assistance with program activities, network opportunities to learn from their peers, and access to resources on MCH and MCH leadership. 

Leading State Maternal and Child Health Programs: A Guide for Senior Managers
This manual is a resource for new Title V, MCH and CSHCN Directors. It is organized into chapters dedicated to "the big picture," or the theoretical framework of maternal and child health, and "the ABC's," which delve into the day-to-day operational aspects of MCH programs.  

CityMatCH CityLeaders Program
CityLeaders is a training program for emerging MCH leaders that serves as an introduction to the core MCH Leadership Competencies. It is targeted to emerging and mid-level urban MCH leaders.  CityLeaders are matched with a seasoned urban maternal and child health leader in the field for a mentor/mentee relationship lasting the duration of the program. 

The MCH Leadership Skills Training Institute offers continuing education and training to increase leadership skills for key management personnel in State Title V Maternal and Child Health and Children with Special Health Care Needs programs in the United States.  The curriculum are: Planning, Implementing and Evaluating Programs and Systems.  

The MCH Skills Leadership Development Series brings leadership concepts to life in an MCH context, and allows participants to conduct training sessions based on individual time frames.  It is a set of training modules designed for use in small groups. Each module offers a mix of presentation and exploration in different learning formats.  

The MCH Leadership Competencies are intended for use by MCH leaders to develop key competency areas and to assist with staff development. The site defines MCH leadership competencies in 12 areas and provides information about how others are using the competencies.   

The Public Health Leadership Institute (PHLI) convenes new leaders and new public health partners who together will confront the new challenges in public health. The goal is to support the public health leaders who will help lead the change in the public health system for years to come. PHLI is based at the University of North Carolina Gillings School of Global Public Health. 

Please see Laura Kavanagh’s feature article, Developing MCH Leaders for additional resources on MCH Leadership supported by MCHB.