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AMCHP Women’s Health Information Series Call
The next Women’s Health Information Series call, “Women and IPV, Substance Abuse, and Mental Health: The Need for an Integrated Response,” will be held on Thursday, October 23 from 3 to 4:30 p.m. (EST). Please register here to receive the call-in number and passcode. For additional information, please contact Brynn Rubinstein or call (202) 775-0436.

Sign the Petition for Preemies
AMCHP has joined families across America and the March of Dimes by signing on to the 2008 Petition for Preemies. As an alliance partner, we’re creating awareness of Prematurity Awareness Month this November and the growing problem of preterm birth. Please direct your colleagues and constituents to sign the petition here. With your help, we can increase support for prematurity-related research and maternal and infant health.

Help AMCHP Recognize Our Maternal and Child Health Leaders
AMCHP is currently soliciting nominations for the Vince Hutchins Leadership Award and the John C. MacQueen Lecture Award. Both awards will be presented at the 2009 Annual Conference in Washington, D.C., February 22-25. Submissions are due by October 31, 2008.

The Vince Hutchins Leadership Award recognizes outstanding individuals, living or deceased, whose work has contributed to significant societal changes that have resulted in improvements in the health of American families and their various members. Last year’s award was presented to Dr. Peter van Dyck of the Maternal and Child Health Bureau.

The John C. MacQueen Lecture Award for Innovation in the Field of Maternal and Child Health is an annual lectureship award honoring one of its most distinguished members, John C. MacQueen, the former director of the Iowa Child Health Specialty Clinics, the state’s program for Children with Special Health Care Needs (CSHCN). Last year’s awardee was Dr. Vic Sidel.

The criteria for the MacQueen Lecture award are:

  1. the awardee is a contributor to the field of MCH;
  2. the awardee is an advocate on behalf of the MCH community;
  3. the awardee focuses their work on/around the establishment and maintenance of healthy communities; and
  4. the awardee can deliver a dynamic/inspirational lecture to the MCH community.

To submit a nomination for consideration please e-mail the AMCHP Governance Committee, c/o Nora Lam, Executive Assistant at AMCHP. Please include the following information:

  • the award for which you are submitting a nomination;
  • your name and contact information;
  • the name and contact information of the nominee; and
  • a brief summary of why you think the nominee meets the criteria established for the award.

If you have any questions about AMCHP’s awards, the selection process or would like additional information, please contact Annette Phelps, Governance Committee chairperson or Michael Fraser at AMCHP.

Submit Your Best Practice Today
AMCHP is seeking submissions of best practices in maternal and child health from around the country. Whether it’s an effective campaign to promote breastfeeding, an outstanding nurse-family partnership, or a proven early intervention program for young children, get the word out about your best practice. AMCHP defines “best practices” as a continuum of practices, programs and policies ranging from promising to evidence-based to science-based. A best practice could focus on the health of women, adolescents, young children, families, or children with special health care needs.

  1) Click here to download a PDF of the submission form.
  2) When you are ready to submit, click here to start the survey.

To be considered for a Best Practice Award at the AMCHP annual conference, please submit by November 21, 2008. For more information on submitting best practices, please contact Darlisha Williams or call (202) 775-0436.