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 Introducing the Title V Data Integration Toolkit

Your Guide to Integrating Early Childhood Data

amchp title v data.pngThroughout the nation, states are increasing their capacity to integrate early childhood data across systems to improve services and outcomes for children and families. In response to this trend, the Association of Maternal & Child Health Programs (AMCHP), in collaboration with AEM Corporation, convened a workgroup of Title V leaders to contribute to and inform the development of the Title V Data Integration toolkit.

The Title V Data Integration toolkit is a collection of resources that aims to assist states as they integrate Title V data into Early Childhood Integrated Data Systems (ECIDS). The toolkit consists of three types of resources:

  • Title V Data Integration Tip Sheets: one-pagers that offer tips, key considerations, and resources around the identified topic area;
  • Title V Data Integration Use Cases: Visual examples of how to present information around a key question or priority to an ECIDS in order to receive appropriate data that can inform decision-making; and
  • State Examples: Examples of states that have integrated or are effectively sharing public health data leading to valuable insight into the experiences of children and their families.

With these tools, Title V leaders and stakeholders can access and learn about best practices for data integration to help with discussing early childhood data integration, identifying needs and tailoring programs in their respective population-based area. See for yourself how this new toolkit can aid your data integration efforts!

Access the full toolkit here. For more information about AMCHP's State Public Health Autism Resource Center, click here.

For more information, contact Patrick Boyle, associate director of communications and membership, at