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Open Call for AMCHP Committee Volunteers

Are you looking to get more involved with AMCHP? Check out the exciting opportunities below and make the most out of your membership

One benefit of being an active AMCHP member is the opportunity to participate as a volunteer leader on AMCHP's Association Committees. AMCHP committees assist the organization in carrying out its mission, goals and strategic plan. As a member of the committee, you will be playing an important role in the development of AMCHP's program and policy activities.  At the same time, volunteering on an AMCHP committee offers you rich professional development opportunities and potentially provides a future pathway towards greater leadership roles in this organization.

All interested members may serve up to two consecutive one-year terms. In order to be newly appointed to a committee (our term year is October – September), please let us know of your interest by taking our survey below. If you currently serve on a committee(s) and are interested in continuing in your role, please do not complete this survey as you will be contacted through an independent process. This call for volunteers remains open year-round. If interim committee positions become available due to vacancies, you may be contacted for consideration. Thank you!

A Special Note About the Committee Appointment Process
A significant recognition is in order for all AMCHP members who have served on Association Committees over the past year. Volunteerism is the lifeblood of our organization and the AMCHP Board of Directors and Staff are truly grateful for your past service to an AMCHP Association Committees.

There have been ongoing efforts to formalize AMCHP's committee policies and processes around recruitment and appointments, as well as look at structure, purpose, volunteer training, roles, and responsibilities. Our current standing policies around committees include such areas as:

  • Ensuring committee members are current members of AMCHP and allowing the opportunity for those who are not members to join the organization to participate in the future;
  • Providing a proper role for federal government and/or other national organization/partner representatives to serve AMCHP committees in an ex-officio capacity (up to two per committee);
  • Allowing for non-member subject matter experts utilized actively for specific peer review activities to participate in a non-voting manner in order to afford AMCHP the best expertise possible as we grow our best practice portfolio;
  • Adhering to AMCHP's established Bylaws language related to term limits by allowing volunteers to serve up to two (2) consecutive one-year terms.

AMCHP remains loyal to its former, current, and new volunteers and believes in continuing to offer opportunities for all of our members to contribute in ways that are meaningful to the organization and to the individual. Thank you all for your service to the organization.

Questions? Call us at (202) 775-0436 or email

AMCHP Committees

AMCHP has two committee types: Board and Association Committees. Board Committees are only open to members of the Board of Directors. Association Committee is open to all member types. To verify your membership status, please contact Linnard Corbin, AMCHP's associate of membership and events. 

Board Committees

Executive Committee
The Executive Committee manages the work of the Board of Directors and acts between board meetings as needed. Its members include the president, president-elect, past-president, secretary, treasurer and the CEO (ex-officio).

Finance Committee
The Finance Committee reviews the association's finances and budgets and makes financial recommendations to the Board of Directors. The committee writes policies regarding AMCHP's finances and investments for board consideration. 

Association Committees

AMCHP Association committees assist the organization in carrying out its mission, goals and strategic plan. They serve to engage members in activities, provide advice and guidance to the board and staff, and make recommendations for policy analysis and development. They are comprised of AMCHP members as well as the board, family representatives, and staff liaisons, and may also include representatives from federal agencies and involve partner organizations when appropriate.

Annual Conference Planning Committee 
AMCHP’s Annual Conference Committee oversees the planning and implementation of our annual convening of state MCH leaders and partners. The planning committee solicits and reviews conference program presentations and works with staff to ensure the Annual Conference meets the needs of all AMCHP members.

Best Practices Review Committee
The Best Practices Review Committee assists in the review and evaluation of programs submitted to AMCHP's Innovation Station.

Family and Youth Leadership Committee
The Family and Youth Leadership Committee works to advance the role of families in the design and creation of state, local and national health systems serving women and children including children and youth with special health needs. The Family and Youth Leadership Committee envisions that all families be empowered to be effective leaders and advocates in partnership with health care.

Governance Committee 
The Governance Committee is responsible for ensuring the effectiveness of the full board. It oversees the entire board-building cycle. The committee’s responsibilities include: Developing job descriptions for board members; orienting new board members and providing continuing education of all members on their responsibilities; drafting a board recruitment plan and continuously cultivating new prospects; facilitating periodic assessment of the board’s performance; ensuring that governance documents such as bylaws and policies are regularly reviewed; and managing nominations and elections.

Health Equity Committee

The AMCHP Health Equity Committee serves to provide national/state guidance and leadership in our mission to achieve equity in maternal, child, and adolescent health (MCAH). The committee’s primary functions are to: 1) provide public health strategic frameworks to guide MCAH leadership in addressing racial/ethnic and other health disparities; 2) motivate MCAH leaders and professionals to expand/ shift focus from a service-oriented to a community-transformation paradigm that includes addressing underlying social/structural determinants of health; 3) make recommendations regarding gaps in resources, tools, research, or program evaluation to inform and expand the MCAH knowledge base and 4) and coordinate AMCHP’s efforts and communications related to health equity.

Legislative and Health Care Finance Committee
The Health Care Finance Committee focuses on the financing of public health programs, such as Medicaid, private insurance, and SCHIP. The committee reviews state efforts to ensure all women, children and families have health care coverage; identifies innovative financing policies to share with other state Title V programs; and makes recommendations for AMCHP policy statements to support national efforts to expand access to quality health care. 

Workforce and Leadership Development Committee
The Workforce and Leadership Development Committee develops strategies to help Title V staff in their daily jobs. It identifies issues that state Title V programs are facing in recruiting, training and retaining staff. The committee identifies resources from across the country to help Title V staff address these issues, including training and technical assistance, data and assessment, and professional development. The committee also provides member input on AMCHP programs created to support the Title V workforce, such as the new director mentor program