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Office & Mailing Address:

The Association of Maternal & Child Health Programs
1825 K Street
Suite 250
Washington, DC 20006-1202
Main Telephone: (202) 775-0436
Fax: (202) 478-5120


Caroline Stampfel, MPH
Chief Strategy and Program Officer, Interim CEO


Talk to me about: Needs Assessment, Using Data for Action, Leadership, Mentoring

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Program Team

Stacey Tuck.png
Stacey Tuck
Director of Programs

Talk to me about: AMCHP's programmatic portfolio

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Michelle Crawford
Senior Specialist, Family Leadership Initiatives


Talk to me about: Family Engagement, Partnership, and Leadership Development

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Janelle Murray
Administrative Coordinator

Talk to me about: Title V Block Grant Meetings

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Dorianne Butler.jpg

Dorianne Butler

Administrative Support Assistant


Talk to me About: Administrative Support


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Clinical and Community Collaboration


Sabra Anckner, RN, MSN 

Associate Director, Clinical and Community Collaboration

Talk to me about: AMCHP’s CARES Act telehealth capacity project, newborn screening / hearing screening programs, home visiting programs.

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Brittany Frew, MPH

Program Manager, Clincal and Community Collaboration

Talk to me about: AMCHP’s CARES Act telehealth capacity project, digital health

Child and Adolescent Health

Kate Taft, MPH
Associate Director, Child and Adolescent Health

Talk to me about: Child Health, Adolescent Health, Environmental Health

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Paige Bussanich2.jpg
Paige Bussanich, MS
Senior Program Manager, CYSHCN

Talk to me about: Children and Youth with Special Health Care Needs, Developmental Screening

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Iliana White headshot.jpg 
Iliana White, MPH, CHES, CPH
Senior MCH Specialist, Adolescent Health 
and Youth Engagement

Talk to me about: Youth Engagement, Adolescent and Young Adult Health

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Anna Corona, MPH, CPH
Program Manager, Child and Adolescent Health

Talk to me about: Adolescent and Young Adult Health, Early Childhood Comprehensive Systems, Children's Healthy Weight

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Mallory Cyr, MPH

Program Manager, CYSHCN

Talk to me about: Children and Youth with Special Health Care Needs

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Maura Leahy website pic3.jpg
Maura Leahy, MPH

Program Analyst, Child and Adolescent Health

Talk to me about: Child and Adolescent Health

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Equity, Epidemiology, and Evaluation
Dr. Cheryl Clark 

Cheryl L. Clark, DrPH, RHIA

Associate Director, 

Equity, Epidemiology, and Evaluation


Talk to me about: MCH Epidemiology, Evaluation, Metrics, Social Epidemiology

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Courtney Salley, MPH 

Program Manager, Metrics & Evaluation- Equity, Epidemiology, and Evaluation

Talk to Me About: MCH Epidemiology, Evaluation, Metrics, Social Epidemiology

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Mikayla Frye, MPH 

Program Analyst- Equity, Epidemiology, and Evaluation

Talk to Me About: MCH Epidemiology, Evaluation, Metrics

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Evidence and Implementation


Lynda Krisowaty, MHS

Senior Program Manager, 

Evidence-Based Practice

Region I Liaison


Talk to me about: Innovation Station, Evidence-based Practices, Implementation Science and Mental Health

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Laura Powis, MPH

Program Manager, Evidence-Based 

Policy and Practice

Talk to Me About: Innovation Station, Evidence-based Practices and Policies, and Implementation Science

Salomé Araya

Evidence and Implementation Associate


Talk to me about: Innovation Station and Evidence-based Practices

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Health Systems Transformation
Stacy Collins 2.jpg 
Stacy Collins, MSW
Associate Director, Health Systems Transformation

Talk to me about: The Affordable Care Act, Health Care Policy

Atyya Chaudhry, MPP
Senior Program Manager, Health Systems Transformation
Region VII Liaison

Talk to me about: Health Systems Transformation

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Bio - Jessica.jpg
Jessica Cohen, MSW
Program Manager, Health Systems Transformation

Talk to me about: The PRISM project, the Core Cooperative Agreement, and the MCH Workforce Development Center. 
Amani Echols.jpg

Amani Echols

Behavioral Health Policy Fellow, Health Systems Transformation

Talk to me about: The PRISM project, Health Systems Transformation

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Women's and Infant Health

Andria Cornell, MPH
Associate Director, Women's and Infant Health
Region II Liaison

Talk to me about: Women's Health, Infant Health, Maternal Mortality and Morbidity, Reproductive Justice

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Jessica Stieger, MPH, MSW, IBCLC, CD(DONA)
Program Manager, Infant Health

Talk to me about: Infant Mortality, Breastfeeding, Health Equity, Infant Mortality CoIIIN - Social Determinants of Health

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Kristina Wint, MPH
Program Manager, Women's Health

Talk to me about: Women's Health, Maternal Mortality and Morbidity, Health Equity, Doulas

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Bejanchong Foretia, MPH 
Program Analyst, Women's and Infant Health

Talk to me about: Women's Health, Infant Health, Maternal Mortality, Social Determinants of Health 

Shaquelle Ballou.jpg
Shaquelle Ballou, MS
Program Analyst for Women’s and Infant Health

Talk to Me About: Merck for Mothers for the Safer Childbirth Cities Initiative Community of Practice

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Shanel Tage, MPH

Program Analyst, Perinatal Health


Talk to me about: Perinatal health, birth equity, health equity, pre-term birth prevention, breastfeeding

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Kuann Fawkes, MPH

Perinatal Health Program Associate


Talk to me about: Maternal Mortality Review Committees (MMRC), Doulas, Health Equity, Slavery and Colonialism


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Giannina Ong, M.A

Maternal Health Program Associate

Talk to me About: Safer Childbirth Cities Initiative Community of Practice, racial equity/health justice, virtual workshop facilitation.

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  Amy Haddad.jpg 
Amy Haddad 
Chief Government Affairs Officer, Public Policy and Government Affairs

Talk to me about: Title V MCH Block Grant Funding, Maternal and Child Health Policy, Advocacy

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Jeanette K.jpg 
Alyson K. Northrup, MS
Associate Director, Public Policy and Government Affairs

Talk to me about: Title V MCH Block Grant Funding, Maternal and Child Health Policy, Advocacy

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Samantha Burkhart

Policy Intern

Talk to me about: Maternal and child health policy.

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​Workforce Development and Capacity Building

Benjamin Kaufman.jpg
Ben Kaufman, MSW

Associate Director, Workforce Development and Capacity Building


Talk to me about: Workforce Needs, Leadership, Capacity Building, Emergency Preparedness and Response

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Nia Sutton, MPH, CHES

Program Manager, Emergency Preparedness and Response

Talk to me about: Emergency preparedness and response, capacity building, reproductive health, addressing health disparities.

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Accounting and Human Resources

Nikeisha Ogletree, HRPM, PHR, SHRM-CP
Chief of Staff

Talk to me about: Human Resources, AMCHP Board of Directors, Executive Office Administration, AMCHP Committees

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Linnard Corbin
Office Manager/Acting Membership Associate

Talk to me about: Office Administration, Human Resources, Finance and Accounting, Membership

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Michelle Mosley.jpg
Michelle Edwards
Senior Accountant

Talk to me about: Finance and Accounting

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